Facebook Insights Guide

You have great content. You create meaningful, insightful posts. You consistently post to Facebook, but you aren't seeing any rewards from your effort.

What if I told you Facebook provides a great tool to help you understand your audience?

The Insight Tool.

First, How do you find the Insight Tool?

Start by going to your business's Facebook Page. At the Top, choose Insights. Here you will find a vast amount of information.

We will specifically be talking about the Posts tab on the left hand side. Click that, and this will give you so much information about your Fan Base.

First, When Should You Post?

When you choose the Posts tab, a graph will appear at the top. This data tells you what time your Fans are online.

At the top, you'll see Days. If you hover over the days, the chart will change, showing you the hourly breakdown for that day. Look at the numbers on the top.

Whichever number is the highest will tell you the day of the week to post your BEST content. For the pages I run, Tuesday and Wednesday are the most popular days.

Next, look at the chart itself. This shows you how many people are on at each hour of the day. You want to pick times with the highest amount of fans online.

In order for people to see your posts, they must be online.

If you hover at a certain time, the chart will give you an exact number of how many people are online at that time.

Although professional research will tell me to post between 1-3 pm, my Facebook insights tell me to post between 8-9 pm. 

After testing this approach, I have seen a 20% increase in likes, comments, and shares of my Page's posts. It works people. It really works.

Next, What Should You Post?

This tool will only be helpful if you've shared a variety of posts. This includes: Videos, Shared Videos, Photo, Links, and Statuses. You can still look at this information if you haven't shared a variety of posts, but it will be more helpful if you've shared them all.

To find this information, at the top of the graph, you will see When Your Fans Are Online is currently selected. Choose Post Types.

When this loads, you have a choice between Show All Posts and Exclude Targeted Posts on the top. I suggest looking at both results.

Here you will find the Type of Post, Average Reach, and Average Engagement. Reach will be yellow, Post Clicks will be blue, and Reactions, Comments & Shares will be purple.

On pages I run, I have found any kind of video, uploaded by me or Shared, is the most popular Type of post. Statuses without images or links are my least popular posts.

Anything Else to Learn?

The final option at the top next to Post Types is Top Posts from Pages You Watch.

Think about it. Is there another page in your niche that you inspire to be like? Do they have tons of interaction? Are they your role model page? You can add this here.

This tracks the progress of up to 5 pages you admire. You can see how many likes they get each week, times of posts for the week, what the post was, and the engagement. This is great information if you want to model yourself like other pages.

Of course, don't just copy what the other pages do. This is just a tool to help you use their pages as inspiration.

Do you use the Insight tool for anything else?