Your Business needs a blog

Your business needs a blog.

Even if you don’t sell online services? Yes. Your business needs a blog.

Even if your website only shows photo of inventory? Yes. Your business needs a blog.

Even if your business….? Yes. Your business needs a blog.

A blog humanizes your brand.
A blog gives an overall picture of the company.
A blog goes more in depth when a photo doesn’t do it justice.

The importance of a blog with your company’s social media.

When your company has a blog, each post instantly becomes great content for your social media.

Write the post, add a stellar picture, and promote it on your social media accounts.

This gives your viewers more things to read from you, and another insight into the brand.

If you’re looking for fresh content for your social media accounts, a blog is the way to go. Blog posts can be promoted multiple times on Twitter, once every six months on Facebook, and once or twice on Instagram. If your blog post has an eye-catching image, you can promote a post on Pinterest as well.

Boost that SEO.

Each blog post is another page in a search engine. Although it may not improve your Google ranking, it will help your website be noticed more by Google. A blog is much friendlier to search engines because of the new content offered by blog posts.

More Publicity controlled by YOU!

Each blog post is publicity and advertising for your company. It is written by you for your benefit. The more content you provide customers, the more advertising you’re giving them.

This drives traffic to your website.

A blog is a great way to drive new traffic to your site. After reading an article, they are more likely to look through other parts of your website, and in turn, you may possibly make a sale.

If that blog post was never there, that potential customer would’ve never ended up on your site.

What other benefits do you think having a blog brings to your business?

A Simple Guide to Beating the Facebook Algorithm

You post a great, engaging post to your business page, only to later hear none of your followers saw the post. You don't want to pay to boost every single post just so your current customers can see it. So, what is this Facebook algorithm, and how can you get your followers to see your posts?

First, what is the Facebook algorithm:
This is something an outsider can't define, and a Facebook employee won't tell. This article is the only, vague information we get from Facebook.

What we do know, Facebook caters the News Feed based on an user's interactions with friends, pages, and groups. Even your most loyal fans won't see your page unless they interact with it.

So, how do I beat it?
This is a great question. I'm going to give you a few ways to get your Fans to see your posts more often.

1) Ask your fans to turn on notifications or to see first in their News Feed
If your fans turn on notifications, they will get notified every time you post on your page. You can also ask them to choose to See you First on their feed. Both of these actions will help your posts get more views, and in turn, interactions.

You may want to make this your pinned post so that new fans always see this option.

Choose your wording carefully. Make sure you explain to your fans how this will benefit them.

2) Make your fans want to interact with you
Ask questions. Share funny pictures. Ask them to tag friends in posts.

For example:

Does your desk look insane on Monday's? Take a quick shot of your work space and say, "My desk on Mondays are CRAZY! Do you keep your desk neat or messy?"

Find an inspiring quote you can relate to your business. Create a great image to place the quote on. Then say something like, "Just what I needed to hear. Tag a friend who needs this message."

Are you thinking about offering a new product, or are you stuck between 2 ideas? Ask your fans for their votes.

2b) Ask some of your friends who are also your fans on Facebook to help out by answering the questions or responding to the posts. People don't want to be the first to comment usually. So, it never hurts to get your friends involved, at least until more people start regularly commenting on your page.

3) Respond to your fans
Your fans want to know they won't be ignored. If they have a question, respond promptly. If they ask a great question, ask their permission to answer their question in a post for other fans to see. If you get a message, respond promptly.

What else do you like to do to beat the Facebook Algorithm? Respond below with your best tips!


Exciting news!! I'm moving into my new apartment this weekend!! I am very excited to be living on my own again (love you Mom & Dad). But with this excitement, I've come across a few #bookwormproblems.

Packing Books Suck!

First off, I thought I could donate a few books, but of course, while I'm trying to choose, I mentally created a new list of books I want to reread. I did manage to donate a few though... mostly books I own multiple copies of.

Books overall are easy to pack into boxes. They're nicely shaped, and can be stacked easily. Almost like a fun game of Tetris. But, if you pack the box all the way.... it's a heavy box. 

And this brings me to...
I have to carry these heavy boxes UPSTAIRS!

I currently live in a one story house. But when I move this weekend, I'll be living on the second floor of my apartment building. Which means stairs.

And HEAVY boxes full of BOOKS to carry up those stairs? Ugh!

Of course, my least favorite problem...

I am in book jail.

Not because I packed all my books (I have a nook I haven't packed yet), but because if I start a book, I'll be useless when packing, moving, and unpacking. 

I finished an amazing book last week. It's part of a three part series, and I can't read the other two books yet.

  • If I get the next books, I won't want to put them down.
  • If I don't put the book down, I won't finish packing.
  • If I don't put the book down, I'll have trouble driving to my new apartment (jokes! never read and drive!).
  • If I don't put the book down, I'll have trouble carrying boxes (of books!) upstairs.
  • If I don't put the book down, it will be impossible to unpack.
So basically, if I get the next books, I'll never move into my new apartment.

Hence: book jail.

One I get out of book jail, I'll begin my next book, and my next review. So until then, enjoy my #bookwormproblems.