The Edge of Lost

Historical Fiction about Alcatraz? Sign me up!
Wow. Can I just say.... wow. This was an AMAZING read. I could not put the book down.
I had a month to read this book for our book club, and let me tell you, I had it read in just a few days.
 And honestly, if I wasn't working full time, I probably would've finished it in one night.
This book opens with a missing girl, a daughter of a prison guard, on Alcatraz. Cut to the next chapter, it's twenty years prior, and we begin the story of Shanley Keagan, a boy from Ireland who hopes to make a better name for himself. How do these two stories relate? When will we be back in Alcatraz?
McMorris does a wonderful job intertwining the two stories.
Shanley Keagan is a lost boy given a bad hand at life. Half American, with two deceased parents, he survives by telling jokes in bars throughout Ireland. He's trying to make the best out of this world and survive.
 This novel travels from Ireland, to New York, to Alcatraz itself.
I found myself loving Shanley's character. Desperate for love, but not understanding it when it's right at his feet. At times I related directly to Shanley, and at other times, I wanted to yell at him. He was so clueless to the fact he was actually wanted, so many times.
The prison life was rough. Being wrongfully put into solitary confinement can make a man go mad. I felt sorry for him, being locked in there for merely trying to survive.
 Mobsters, villains, and good guys, but who is who? Is the priest in on it? Where is the little girl? 
You'll have to read to find out. And how does Shanley fit into this picture?
This novel is wonderful. Full of emotion, and it even made me cry. All I can say is, read it! You won't be disappointed! 

And that ending? Yeah, I'll admit it. I cried.

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